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Measuring Success

Winning doesn’t have to be a vague measure of success – it can be defined and measured. Whether through qualitative feedback from customers or hard numbers from sales or engagement with marketing, our real-time commitment to results from your marketing efforts is our priority. The bottom line? When you win, your customers win – and we help make that happen.

Our Collective Model

Every Thread Counts

We believe that marketing success is derived from a highly collaborative experience. Through a diverse network of specialized marketing professionals from varying backgrounds and expertise in a number of mediums, our company has the collective power to meet your business needs. Our experience across the spectrum of marketing channels makes W. Bradford a dynamic asset for your business, regardless of your industry or offering.


A History of Powerful Work & Lasting Partnerships

W. Bradford & Co. incorporates the approach and spirit of its founder, Will Sears, an award-winning integrated marketing professional with expertise serving clients across a multitude of industries. His in-house career experience as a client also adds value to the direction of our team’s devotion to premium client service. Will has had especially deep success in bridging business strategies with data-driven, compelling content for both traditional and digital channels.

Will’s work has benefited enterprise and SMB companies in industries including, but not limited to, consumer technology and lifestyle products, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, energy, finance, higher education, environmentalism, government, non-profits, SaaS platforms and professional services.

It is ultimately Will’s serious, yet personal approach that has led W. Bradford & Co. to earn clients’ trust and respect. His intensity, quick wit and big heart consistently forge strong partnerships, big results and a reputation for making things happen both professionally and personally. Will currently leads the company with headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Will Sears Marketing Agency Miami

Brands Served

Below are brands Will Sears has served throughout his career.